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Modern Administrative Strategies For School Administrators.


School administration has become a complex undertaking, in view of a number of factors, inclusive of large class sizes—as a
consequence of population growth, scarce resources, technological advances, teacher competence in the class room,
adequate security for both learners and staff, and providing adequate resources (libraries, science labs, and other learning
equipment) to the staff and students to achieve desirable learning outcomes. This training program aims to equip
administrators and principals with effective strategies to deal with these issues such that their schools can create and foster
great learning environments for the students to flourish and the teachers fulfilled.

Topics To Be Covered
1. School Administration Strategies.
2. Managing People and Resources Effectively.
3. Types of Technologies For Effective Learning.
4. Motivational Theories And Applications For Educators.
5. Managing Diversity In Educational Settings.
6. Security Tips For School Safety.

Content Delivery: Lecture, videos, photos, class interaction, exercises, role play, simulations.

Who should attend: School principals and school administrators.
Outcome—new or enhanced knowledge about School Administration Strategies; Managing People and Resources
Effectively; Types of Technologies For Effective Learning; Motivational Theories And Applications For Educators; Managing
Diversity In Educational Settings; Security Tips For School Safety.

Course Delivery Locations: Washington DC USA, The UK, Turkey, and Dubai.
Zoom Distance Learning Delivery: Call or send an email for availability.
Contact Information for Pricing on short courses:


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