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The goals of the institute are to provide a platform for capacity
building and knowledge transfer via workshops, training, conferences,
seminars, and short courses relative to the following: socioeconomic
development, particularly in the developing world (Africa, The
Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America); and the
prevention of crisis associated with social, political, humanitarian,
religious, and environmental/climate change issues. The institute
provides consulting services in international development and crisis
prevention strategies. The focus of most conflict management
institutes tends to be conflict resolution alone. This approach is one
dimensional and addresses the underlying issues after the damage had
already been done. In contrast, GDCPI’s programs are designed to
deal with the issues at the crisis stage before degeneration into
conflict. It does this by conducting thorough research of the factors
that can cause crisis, and designing programs (workshops, capacity
building/ training, seminars, and conferences) to effectively address
them so conflicts do not arise. Conflicts should not be inevitable.
GDCPI carries out its mission professionally. It applies the best
practices in the industry and implements strict corporate governance

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