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Associate Professor of philosophy, 3-year contract
New York City College of Technology, 300 Jay Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
( 917-658-1901
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Normative and meta ethics, virtue ethics, animal ethics, food and environmental ethics, philosophy
of religion, theodicy, the problem of evil, the Kalam argument, logic, history of philosophy,
metaphysics, free will.
Ph.D. 2017: The New School. Dissertation: Veganism as a Virtue. Director: Dr. Alice Crary
MA. 2013: The New School.
BA. Philosophy, 2009: The City College of New York. (Summa Cum Laude).
AS. Paralegal Studies. 2007: NYC College of Technology.
2012-Present NYC College of Technology, Adjunct Associate Professor of philosophy
2021 Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA, Visiting Professor.
2021-present Mercy College, NY, Adjunct Assistant Professor.
2020-present Fashion Institute of Technology, NY: Adjunct Assistant Professor.
2019-present St. John’s University, Queens, NY: Adjunct Assistant Professor.
2019-present St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NY: Adjunct Assistant Professor.
2019-present Lehman College, Bronx, NY: Adjunct Assistant Professor.
2018-2019 Kean University, Union, NJ: Adjunct Assistant Professor.
2017-2018 St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY: Adjunct Assistant Professor.
2006-2009 NYC College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY: English/Philosophy Tutor:
2006-2007 State University of New York: English Tutor

Introduction to philosophy, logical thinking (Self-designed), medical ethics, business ethics, ethics,
history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, theories of human nature, critical thinking moral
theory and moral controversy, the art of thinking, metaphysics, animal ethics and the fashion
Designed curriculum for the following universities
- NYC College of Technology: Logical Thinking
- Kean University: Online Introduction to Philosophy
- Fashion Institute of Technology: Animal Ethics and The Fashion Industry
- Mercy College: Online Business Ethics



2022 THE BOOK OF RAW: Why and How to Become a Raw Vegan, Create Space
2022 Deism: A Rational Journey from Non belief to the Existence of God, Academica Press
2020 Raw Veganism: The Philosophy of The Human Diet, Routledge
2019 Ethical Veganism, Virtue Ethics, and the Great Soul, Lexington Books

Peer-reviewed journal articles
2022 A Virtue Ethical Approach To Cultured Meat. Nature Food
2022 Meat May Never Die. Trace — Journal for Human-Animal Studies
2022 A Virtue-Oriented Perspective on the Production and Consumption of Veggie Meat
in Alternatives Smart Food Industry: The Blockchain for Sustainable Engineering,
Taylor & Francis Group (forthcoming)

2022 A Virtue-Oriented Outlook on Human Attitudes Toward Non-Human Animals in

Virtue Ethics and Animals, Oxford University Press (forthcoming)

2022 The Incoherence of an Evil God. Religions
2021 God and Kant’s Suicide Maxim, Cultura: International Journal of Philosophy of

Culture and Axiology

2021 Atheism as an Extreme Rejection of Rational Evidence for The Existence of God.

The Heythrop Journal

2020 The Evil God Challenge: Two Significant Asymmetries. The Heythrop Journal
2020 Vegan Parents and Children: Zero Parental Compromise. Ethics and Education,

2020 The Incoherence of Moral Relativism. Cultura: International Journal of Philosophy

of Culture and Axiology

2019 Veganism and Children: A Response to Marcus William Hunt. Journal of

Agricultural and Environmental Ethics

2019 Is Animal Suffering Really All that Matters? The Move from Suffering to
Vegetarianism. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics
2019 Lab-Grown Meat and Veganism: A Virtue-Oriented Perspective. Journal of

Agricultural and Environmental Ethics

2019 Missing the Apes of the Trees for the Forest. (Association for the Study of Ethical

Behavior Evolutionary Biology in Literature Journal, ASEBL, 2019.
2018 Environmental Ethics: The Virtuous Way. Agri Res & Tech
2017 Ethical Veganism, Virtue, and Greatness of the Soul. Journal of Agricultural &

Environmental Ethics

2017 Veganism As A Virtue: How Compassion and Fairness Show us what is Virtuous
about Veganism. Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society

Popular writings

2020 Herb Green the Raw Vegan and the Fate of Humanity. Literary Veganism
2019 Story of an Ethical Vegan. Bibliotekos
2007 The Golden Dawn. Perspectives

Book Reviews

2019 More than a Story, a Literary ‘Singularity’ Disintegration by S.E. Soldwedel,

ASEBL, 2019.

2019 Can Animals Be Persons? Review of Marc Rowlands’ Can Animals Be Persons?
2019 Abolition of Meat. Review of Jan Deckers’ Animal (De)liberation: Should the

Consumption of Animal Products Be Banned? ASEBL

-Vegan Studies Network, UCD School of Philosophy University College Dublin: Ethical Raw
Veganism, March 23, 2022.
-Grinnell College Colloquium: The Kalām Cosmological Argument: From Reason to God, 2021.

-Commentator for Colloquium Dying and Killing: The American Philosophical Association
-Is an Evil God Just as Reasonable as a Good God?: Capturing Christianity, February 18, 2021.
-Animals and the Environment: John J. College, October 12, 2019.
-The Abolition of Animal-based Food: Moral Sense Colloquium IV: Cross-Cultural Morality:
Human and Animal, St. Francis College, NYC, September 28, 2019
-Meet Your Meat: The Long Island Philosophical Society Spring 2015 conference, St. John’s
University, Jamaica, Queens, New York, April 18, 2015.
-A lecture on Veganism and the Old Testament: Why All Christians Should Be or Should Become
Vegans: St. Damiano’s Cathedral, Turin, Italy, August 23, 2015., 2015.

-Carlo Alvaro (Philosopher) Reasons to believe in a Deistic God? October 4, 2022.
-Chef AJ with Dr. Carlo Alvaro, Ethical Raw Veganism With Dr. Carlo Alvaro. March 3, 2022.
-Always For Animal Rights, vegan animal rights radio show on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa, Canada.
Virtue Ethics and Veganism. April 2, 2021.
-Always For Animal Rights, vegan animal rights radio show on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa, Canada.
August 23, 2021. Raw Veganism and Children.
-Success Stories - Carlo Alvaro for Itali-Echo hosted by Viviana Dragani – WNTN 1550 AM radio,
May 1, 2020.

Sergeant: - Parachute Rigger, Rifleman-Brigade Folgore of the Italian Army. 9 th Paratroopers
Assault Battalion Col. Moschinin Livorno, Tuscany
Tenor Saxophone – studied at Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, Turin, Italy, 1987-1990
Drums – self-taught: played for the Italian rock band Blowout, 1997-2003
Spouse: Malaika D. Alvaro, M.M., Senior Program Manager at The ASCAP Foundation.
Children: George, Jon, Valentina.

Peter Parides, Associate Professor
NYC College of Technology, Social Sciences Department
Daniel Capruso, Associate Professor
NYC College of Technology, Social Sciences Department
Gregory Tague, Professor
St. Francis College, English Department

Alice Crary, University Distinguished Professor
New School for Social Research, Department of Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford
Jan Deckers, Professor
School of Medical Education
Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
NE2 4HH, United Kingdom
Robert C. Jones, Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
California State University

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