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Leadership Skills

Leadership is an authoritative position that enables an individual to exert influence on followers or subordinates to achieve a goal or goals. Leadership entails providing direction and a general roadmap. There are various elements involved in the ability of a leader to provide the influence needed to achieve a goal, and these range from the ability to inspire, to generate trust and be imaginative, to possessing emotional intelligence and communicating effectively.

Topics To Be Covered:

1. Leadership Theories.
2. Leadership Types.
3. Leadership case studies And Application Strategies.
4. The Requisites of Good leadership.
5. Behaviors To Avoid.

Who Should Attend—people in leadership positions in both the public
and private sectors; people aspiring to leadership positions.
Outcome—new or enhanced knowledge about Leadership Theories,
Leadership Types, Leadership case studies And Application Strategies,
and The Requisites of Good leadership.
Course Delivery Locations: Washington DC, USA; and Dubai.
Zoom Distance Learning Delivery: Call or send an email about
Contact Information for Pricing on short courses:

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