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Applying Organizational Behavior Principles In Effective Business Management.



Organizational Behavior is about how the behaviors of individuals and groups in any given organizational structure can be managed to make the organization function well and achieve its goals. The success or
failure of an organization, be it a business or non-profit organization, depends on the behaviors of every member of the organization (entrepreneur, management and subordinates) and how these behaviors can be managed and channeled towards the good of the organization.


Topics To Be Covered

1. Characteristics Of Organizational Behavior.

2. The Key Facets Of Organizational Behavior.

3. Causes Of Job Satisfaction.

4. Personality and The Implications For Organizational Success.

5. Values and Why They Are Critical.

6. Theories Of Motivation.

7. Emotions And Moods.

8. Emotional Intelligence.

Who Should Attend—Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Operations managers, senior and mid level civil servants.

Outcome—new or enhanced knowledge about Characteristics Of Organizational Behavior; The Key Facets Of Organizational Behavior; Causes Of Job Satisfaction; Personality and The Implications For Organizational Success; Values and Why They Are Critical; Theories Of Motivation; Emotions And Moods; Emotional Intelligence.

Course Delivery Locations: Washington DC, USA; and Dubai.

Zoom Distance Learning Delivery: Call or send an email for availability.


Contact Information for Pricing on short courses:

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