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Organizational Learning And Development Strategies.

Organizational learning is essential for continual growth. An organization that continually improves upon its processes enjoys an
edge over its competitors. Organizations can achieve these improvements by fostering a culture of learning to gain new
knowledge essential to product and service improvements that retain customers and gain new ones. This short course is designed so participants can learn from experts and academics with research experience in the methods and strategies of organizational learning and development.

Topics To Be Covered
1. Principles of Organizational Learning And Development.
2. Understanding The Competitive Environment.
3. Conducting The Organizational Learning Needs Assessment.
4. Curriculum Design.
5. Curriculum Implementation.
6. Evaluation And Feedback Mechanisms.

Content Delivery: Lectures, videos, photos, class interaction, exercises, role play, simulations.
Who Should Attend—Senior and mid-level organizational leaders in the private sector, entrepreneurs.

Outcome—new or enhanced knowledge about Principles of Organizational Learning And Development; Understanding The Competitive Environment; Conducting The Organizational Learning Needs Assessment; Curriculum Design; Curriculum Implementation; Evaluation And Feedback Mechanisms.

Course Delivery Locations: Washington DC USA, the UK, and Dubai.

Zoom Distance Learning Delivery: Call or send an email for availability.
Contact Information for Pricing on short courses:


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