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Negotiation Mastery.

Negotiation mastery entails three main skills—ability to resolve differences, special talent in breaking through deadlocks, and
producing quality agreements as the outcome of negotiations. Matters requiring negotiations abound in practically anything. Negotiation Mastery in this course is about how to do it to resolve social, political, economic and humanitarian crises. Failure to resolve many matters in the areas of focus mentioned above has often occurred because the mediators involved did not possess the necessary skills. This course is designed to teach negotiation strategies applicable to various conflict
and crisis situations. The key to effective conflict resolution is strong negotiation skills and knowledge of the most effective strategies. Participants will be taught the basics of negotiation and emotional intelligence, a critical psychological state of being for successful negotiation activity. In this course, experts with vast experience in negotiations on a wide spectrum of issues in politics, social dynamics, and economics are the trainers.

Topics To Be Covered
1. Types of Conflict.
2. The Basics of Negotiation.
3. Emotional Intelligence.
4. Effective Negotiation Strategies.
5. Strategies For Breaking A Deadlock.
6. Expectation Management.

Content Delivery: Lectures, videos, photos, class interaction, exercises, role play, simulations.

Who Should Attend— Community leaders, politicians, youth leaders, women organizations, NGOs.

Outcome—new or enhanced knowledge about Types of Conflict; The Basics of Negotiation; Emotional Intelligence; Effective Negotiation Strategies; Strategies For Breaking A Deadlock; Expectation Management.

Course Delivery Locations: Washington DC (USA), The UK, Turkey, and Dubai.

Zoom Distance Learning Delivery: Call or send an email for availability.

Contact Information for Pricing on short courses:


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