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The Executive Leadership and Management training program is designed to provide top leadership with the modern skills and enhanced knowledge required to manage huge operations such as occurs at the NNPC of Nigeria, Sonangol in Angola, and GEPetrol of Equatorial Guinea. The Operations Management Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry program is aimed at availing Directors, General Managers and Managers of the modern skills and knowledge of operations management needed to handle strategic business units in these large companies.
Major challenges in the global oil market arising from the volatility of oil prices, new trading patterns, supply and demand, and associated matters require that oil producers adopt innovative strategies to surmount the challenges. Thus, the third program—Surmounting Global Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry—is designed to avail delegates/participants of knowledge about various strategies that would be useful in addressing the challenges so the NNPC, SONANGOL,
GEPetrol and similar large oil and gas concerns can stay on the path of growth. In view of the distribution challenges that many of these organizations face periodically, the 4th training program—Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management and Transportation Logistics—is designed to expand knowledge of supply chain management and transportation logistics. The 5th training program is business process improvement-related and is based on Six Sigma methodologies. A key management goal is profitable operations with low costs. The business process improvement program teaches the methodologies of Six and Lean Sigma and their applications to reduce costs of operations while maintaining continuous quality of services and products.


Topics To Be Covered
Executive Leadership and Management (one week duration).
1. Leadership Models.
2. Managerial Decision Making Models
3. The Balanced Scorecard and Organizational Success.
4. A systems Approach to Organizational Leadership.
5. Tour of oil and gas facilities

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