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Legislative Academy (for Lawmakers)

Legislators provide democratic representation and are responsible for drafting legislation. Newly elected legislators in several cities, states and nations must learn about the basics of representation and how to craft legislation. This short course teaches the methods and strategies involved in legislating and providing quality representation to constituents.

Topics To Be Covered:

1. Separation Of Powers Doctrine.
2. The Legislative Process.
3. The Committee Process.
4. Effective Communications In Law Making.
5. Organizational Dynamics In Law Making.
6. Efficient Constituency Services.
7. A Tour Of The United States Congress.

Who Should Attend—Newly elected legislators in city, county, state and national governments, veteran legislators attending as refreshers.

Outcome—new or enhanced knowledge about Separation Of Powers
Doctrine; The Legislative Process; The Committee Process; Effective Communications In Law Making; Organizational Dynamics In Law
Making; Effective Strategies In Constituency Services.

Course Delivery Locations: Washington DC, USA; and Dubai.
Zoom Distance Learning Delivery: Call or send an email about availability.

Contact Information for Pricing on short courses:

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