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Stimulating Positive Corporate Conflict For Organizational Growth.


Lethargy can undermine organizational effectiveness and disrupt ambitious plans for organizational growth. Deliberate positive
organizational conflict can be a tool for stimulating new ideas to shake the lethargy and put life back into the organization. New ideas can lead to innovative products and services which brings back growth. This short course taught by scholar practitioners shows how to do it.

Topics To Be Covered

1. Organizational Culture.
2. Organizational Goals.
3. Organizational Communications.
4. Organizational Values And Interdependence.
5. Organizational Performance Gaps.
6. Types Of Teams and Team Leadership Models.
7. Methods Of Stimulating Conflict And Assessing The Outcomes.

Who Should Attend—Entrepreneurs, business managers, Strategic Planners, team leaders, senior civil servants.

Outcome—new or enhanced knowledge about Organizational Culture;Organizational Goals; Organizational Communications; Organizational Values And Interdependence; Organizational Performance Gaps; Types Of Teams and Team Leadership Models; Methods Of Stimulating Conflict And Assessing The Outcomes.

Course Delivery Locations: Washington DC, USA; and Dubai.
Zoom Distance Learning Delivery: Call or send an email for Availability

Contact Information for Pricing on short courses:

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