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Creating Synergies In Public/Private Sector Partnerships (PPP) For Development

Public/private sector partnerships have acquired popularity, particularly in developing countries where the paucity of public
resources necessitates collaboration deals with the private sector to build large projects. Adequate knowledge and training is indispensable to effective representation in public/private partnerships. Both sides must aim to forge mutually beneficial deals. This short course allows participants to learn from expert scholar practitioners, and highly experienced professionals.

Topics To Be Covered:

1. Understanding The Goals And Objectives Of The Project.
2. Establishing Trust.
3. Team Building and Teams’ Type Selection.
4. The PPP contracting Process.
5. The PPP Financing Process.
6. Implementation Strategies.
7. Monitoring and Feedback Mechanisms.

Who Should AttendPublic administrators and relevant technocrats, private sector PPP staff, senior managers.

Outcome—new or enhanced knowledge about Understanding The Goals And Objectives Of The Project; Establishing Trust; Team Building and Teams’ Type Selection; The PPP contracting Process; The PPP Financing Process; Implementation Strategies; Monitoring and Feedback Mechanisms.

Course Delivery Locations: Washington DC, USA; and Dubai.

Zoom Distance Learning Delivery: Call or send an email for


Contact Information for Pricing on short courses:

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