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Matthew Uzukwu, MBA, Ph.D., SSBBP®, FICMNA.


 (202) 746-7297


Professional Teaching Experience

2021 –2022
Title: Dean
Company/Organization: Greenstone School Of Business And Management,
Abuja, Nigeria.
Job Duties: Administrative supervision of staff and faculty, and teaching of
various courses in business management and healthcare services administration


2016 –Current
Title: Adjunct Professor

Company/Organization: Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida, USA,
Job Duties: Instruction of college students, using several platforms, including classroom
instruction, VTT, Learning Management System (LMS), D2L, and asynchronous online.
Courses currently assigned to teach are Healthcare Management, Healthcare
Administration, Health Policy, Public Health Administration, Healthcare Ethics, Business
Administration, Business and Entrepreneurial Management.

2006 –2016.

Title: Adjunct Professor: Bowie State University, Bowie, Maryland. USA.
Job Duties: Instruction of graduate and undergraduate students, using the classroom and
Blackboard formats. Courses taught were Supply Chain, Production and Operations
Management; Organizational Theory, Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy,
International Business, Business Management, Organizational Behavior, and Human
Resources Management.

Professional Experience (Public Service)

1993 – 2013:
Title: Administrative Hearings Examiner/Commissioner.
Washington DC City Government, Bureau of Adjudication, 300 C Street,
NW, Washington DC, 20001.
Job Duties: Presiding Hearings Commissioner of vehicular traffic and parking

Professional Experience (Private Sector)

2018 –2020:
Title: Capacity Developer/Director Africa Programs.
Company/Organization: International Development Institute (IDI), 1629 K
ST, NW, Washington, DC, 20006


Job Duties: 1. Content development and delivery in Business and

Entrepreneurship Capacity Development programs.

2. Lead Six Sigma Process Improvement programs facilitator.
3. Training curricula design and training content delivery.
Selected Capacity Development Engagements In The Last 3
a. Training of NIMASA dockworkers in Container Handling and
Occupational Safety and Health in November, 2019 in Nigeria.
b. Short Course instruction/training of NPA senior management
staff in Strategic Management in Dubai in February, 2020.
c. Training of 3,000 youths in Nigeria in leadership and
entrepreneurship in November 2020.

Title: Editor.
Company/Organization: African & World Analyst Magazine, Upper
Marlboro, Maryland, USA.
Job Duties: Managing Editor.
The African &World Analyst magazine is a comprehensive monthly publication
that mainly takes an analytical approach to African issues, as well as content of
historical significance to Africa

II. Educational Background: Ph. D. Healthcare Services Administration,
Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota—2005.
Dissertation: Factors Influencing the Spread of HIV/AIDS from High-Risk
Sexual Behavior within Three Economic Status/Income Level Groups in
Owerri, Nigeria. Dissertation Committee: Dr. Ronald Hudak, Committee
Chair, Health Services Faculty Dr. Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, Committee
Member, Education Faculty. Dr. Manoj Sharma, Committee Member, Health
Services Faculty Dr. C.J. Schumaker, School Representative, Health Services


Faculty (Dissertation Abstract published in Dissertation Abstracts International,
pub. # 3182191, vol. 66 (7B), p.3623, January, 2006. Publication by Proquest
Information and Learning (formerly UMI).

MBA – Master of Business Administration, Howard University, Washington,
B.A. Economics, Howard University, Washington, DC—1985.

1. Management and Strategy Institute, Downingtown, Pennsylvania: Six Sigma
Black Belt Professional (SSBBP)® (ID # 2368780)—2016.
2. EMS certified instructor of CPR/AED and Basic Life Support.

III. Professional Memberships:
Fellow of the Institute of Conflict Management and Negotiation Analysts

IV: Publications (Academic):

1. Uzukwu, M. (2011). The Spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria: Three Economic
Status/Income Level Groups in Owerri, Nigeria: Saarbrucken, Germany:
Lambert. Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-8443-8923-4,
2. Uzukwu, M (2021). Leadership and Entrepreneurship: How To
Become A Successful Entrepreneur. Feli Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-
3. Uzukwu, M. (2014). Moving Forward: A Biography of Goodluck Ebele
Jonathan. Feli Publishing Company/House2House Campaign Organization
for Democracy. ISBN: 978-0-9637326-7-5
4. Uzukwu, M. (2016). The Nigerian Civil War: The Memoirs of an Unsung
Biafran Commando. Feli Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-9637326-8-4


Publications – Book Chapters And Scholarly Articles (Academic):
1. Uzukwu, M. (2010). The use of Techno-Media Strategy as a tool in Effective
Healthcare Service Delivery in Nigeria and the implications for Democracy
Sustenance (pp. 225-248) In Nwokeafor C. U. & Langmia, K. (eds.). Media
and Technology in Emerging African Democracies. Lanham, MD:
University Press of America. ISBN 978-0761851998 (2010)

2. Uzukwu, M. (2013). Media Managerial Practices and Effective Media
Coverage of the Electoral Process: The Nigerian Environment. In Nwokeafor
C. U. & Langmia, K. (eds.). Media Role in Changing African Electoral
Process: A Political Communication Perspective. Lanham, MD: University
Press of America. ISBN: 978-0761862543.
3. Uzukwu, M., & Ekwenna, O. (2018). Issues of Chronic Kidney Disease
(CKD) and End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) in Southeastern Nigeria: A
Study of Patients On Dialysis, International Journal of Public Health And
Safety, 2018, 3:158.
Publications: Novels/Fiction:
1. Uzukwu, M. (1993). Across Cultures. Feli Publishing Company. ISBN: 0-
2. Uzukwu, M. (2006). Scammers of the Dictators’ Realm. ISBN: 81-88811-
3. Uzukwu, M. (2012). Women of Steel. Feli Publishing Company. ISBN 978-0-
4. Uzukwu, M. (2021). Inside The Slave Coast. Amazon Publishing
Company. ISBN: 9798532732933

Approved for Publication in the International Journal of Healthcare
1. Healthcare Business Opportunities In Nigeria for American Hospitals: New
Perspectives for Medical Tourism.


V. Other Skills.
Screen play writing and film making.
Screenplay writer and co-Director of the award winning ―Twins Killing Forests‖

VI. Other Bio Info:
Nationality: US Citizen
Family: Married with three children.

VII . Recognition and Honors.
1994: Winner of 1994 Delta Fiction Award for the novel Across Cultures.
2003: Certificate of Recognition for Meritorious Work for the city of Washington

DC from the Honorable Anthony Williams, City Mayor.

2012. Winner of the Stonebridge Prize for Best Book of 2012, for the book
Women Of Steel.

VIII. References:
1. Professor Cosmas Nwokeafor (240) 486-6653
Dean Of The School of Graduate Studies.
Bowie State University, Bowie, Maryland, 20715.

2. Professor James Ibe (803) 968-1373

Economics and Marketing Management And Program Director, National
Nuclear Security Administration Program, Division of Business
Administration, Morris College Sumter, SC 29150-3599.

3. Dr. Joseph Popoola ( 803) 934-3290
Associate Professor of Communications.
Morris College, Sumter, SC 29150-3599.

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