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Charles Chidi Achodo

Charles Chidi Achodo is an expert in transition and security stabilization programmes covering measures for designed to assist countries make transition from war to peace. These include peace negotiation processes, the design and implementation of the repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration of war-affected population such as refugees and IDPs, and returnees and DDR for ex-militants as well as security-sector reform measures. He has expertise in measures required to assist countries make complex transition from crisis to peace-, medium- and long-term development planning and implementation.
He possesses over 30 years of experience in development policy advisory service and management of complex community rehabilitation and recovery processes. He coordinated several UN inter-agencies working group at the country levels and closely worked with UNICEF and UNHCR and WHO and WFP and UNFPA and ILO in planning and implementing refugee returns and reintegration and rehabilitation of war affected population. He has worked With the UNDP and the World Bank as well as the EU and the DFID. He is proficient at establishing and cultivating bilateral and multi-lateral support and in
managing complex political relationships for results. He brings with him a depth of experience in technical planning, design and implementation of transitions strategies and medium- and long-term development. Worked with the German Agency for Technical as Director Programs, and the World Bank as Senior Post Conflict Adviser and the UNDP as the Team Lead and For Africa in the BCPR. His work experience took to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Somalia and Ivory Coast and Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone as well as Geneva and New
York. He holds graduate and post graduate degrees and diplomas in Business Administration and Development planning. He served as a Senior Lecturer in Africa University in Zimbabwe. He also served as Advisers to the Deputy SRSG Humanitarian and Affairs in the UN Mission,
Presidents of Sierra Leone and Liberia and recently as DFID embedded Adviser to the Minister of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria and the Minister of Niger Delta. He also worked in Total Nigeria Ltd and a Senior Credit Analyst in Merchant banking. He is currently serving as Senior Director in Nextier Advisory – a private sector international consulting firm with
focus on public and private sector advisory services, Power and renewable energy and Security and peace and development as well as strategic communications.

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